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Impish & Vasilisa – Haze (VIP)

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Haze (VIP 2021 Mix)(5:25)
Impish ft. Vasilisa

MP3 320 kbps / WAV 24 bits

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After a long pause and rethink about everything that has been happening in the industry , Impish is back and preparing for the release of a new long play vinyl album that’s been in the making for some time now.

The album includes lots of material that you will of likely heard a sneak peak of , if you have been lucky enough to have attended any of his events over the recent years .

The Burning Series is one of the most soulful , energetic and welcoming events in Moscow and its certainly known for creating a unique vibe .

These events have given Impish the perfect testing ground for his own productions and now in 2021 he finally feels ready to share some new music with the world once again on his very own label Occulti Music.

First up we have two special digital club mix VIP’s

He has taken two of his old faves and upgraded them to a new hard hitting level . Impish’s clean use of percussion and sensual , soulful samples leaves you always wanting more making these two tracks a perfect little taste of what’s to be expected. So Sick VIP available from 24/09/21. Haze VIP ft Vasilisa Jarlier available from 15/10/21