Impish in the mix live – 10.11.2016 (Video)

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Watch Impish's latest DJ set on Youtube

Wicked vibes! Impish smashing it.

After graduating friends introduced Roman to drum and bass and he instantly fell in love. Where he first spent hours of his time playing guitars and drums, collecting vinyl and producing electronic music became his new occupation. He started ‘Burning Series’ in Moscow, a monthly drum & bass night famous for its homely atmosphere. Later, he launched his own imprint called ‘Occulti Music’.

Occulti Music Podcast #6 (by Impish)

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Impish, Roy Green & Protone, Joakuim, Soligen & Type 2, Malaky, Agbo, Electrosoul System, Cutworks, Skeletone, Satl, Skyweep — Occulti Music Five. (#OCCLT005) on Occulti Music

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Moscow based Occulti Music returns with a Various Artists CD! A variety of styles can be found as they bring together established names and exciting upcoming artists from all over the globe. Amongst the highlights we find straight forward, soulful rollers by RoyGreen & Protone, Malaky, SkeletoneSatl and Cutworks alongisde more experimental vibes by Agbo and Soligen & Type 2.

Occulti Music proves once again they’re pushing forward music for the mind, body and soul: introvert, hypnotic vibes by Joakuim are alternated with groovy, powerful dancefloor tunes by Impish and Skyweep and – long time liquid drum & bass veteran – Electrosoul System. Alongside the CD two vinyl samplers will be released as well. Thank god you don’t have to pick a favourite!

First vinyl sampler of Occulti Music’s latest album project. On the A side we find head honcho Impish delivering massively with Sky. It’s suitable for the dancefloor, but still with plenty of groove, funk and organic touches. Next up Cutworks presents a more modest vibe with Top Floor. It’s based around a couple of sultry, sweet jazz licks underlined by an abysmal sub. Watch out for the switch up that blends the rough with the smooth, what more could you ask for?

Second vinyl sampler of Occulti Music’s latest album project. We kick off with Jumpets by long time drum & bass veteran Electrosoul System. It’s an uplifting slice of drum & bass with infectious vocal cuts, smooth chords and perfect balanced lightweight drums. On the flip Agbo dives into the deepness with a minimal, hypnotic halfstepper. This is 100% soundsystem music with ethnic influences and plenty of bassweight for the get-down crew. Keep an eye out for this guy!

Buy: Sampler 1 (# OCCLT005.1), Sampler 2 (# OCCLT005.2), Full CD Album (# OCCLT005CD), Digital (OCCLT005D)

V/A – Occulti Music Five
101 j852 j (Download) – Impish, RoyGreen & Protone, Malaky, Joakuim, Electrosoul System, Satl, Soligen & Type 2 & more
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7 March, Moscow — Impish, Agbo, Skyweep, Coca J, Karna and many others on Occulti Music’s Burning Series Party @ FREE

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Night of vinyl and drum & bass with Occulti Music, Burning Series, iDnB, Clockwork Heads in Moscow. Entrance: Free, F/C. Start: 20:00. Finish: 06:00. Address: Moscow, Nicolskaya Street 11 (bar Танцы)

Следующий Burning Series в Москве будет! И этого достаточно, что бы ничего не планировать на субботу 7 Марта. Это уже вторая вечеринка под названием Reset в этом году, представляющая более плотное и тяжелое звучание. У нас в гостях вновь создатель серии подкастов IDNB — Максим Coca J с пачкой винила, а так же актуальные артисты Occulti Music: Impish, Agbo; старый товарищ Sunshine Dub; Karna из Clockwork Heads, и, дорогие резиденты Burning Series: Not, и, один из основателей — Иван Ustinov. Вход свободный. Официальная встреча и полная информация на странице «вконтакте».


Возможен резерв столиков на втором этаже бара по телефонам: +7 (925) 009-00-13 — Кристина («Танцы» Бар), +7 (906) 707-93-48 — Денис («Танцы» Бар).


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